Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory

Snoezelen® and Older People

For a person with Dementia the world can be a very fragmented and confusing place. Without carefully constructed environments and interactions that focus on their remaining skills they are likely to experience isolation, confusion and sensory deprivation. Many of these problems can result in disorientated, confused behaviour. The link between sensory deprivation and mental health has been frequently documented. By stimulating the reticular activating system of the brain it is possible to fi lter stimuli and prepare the person for engagement in everyday activity.

One such tool that has been shown to do this is the Snoezelen® multi-sensory environment. The Snoezelen® multi-sensory environment provides a range of sensory stimulation that may be tailored to meet the needs of people with Dementia in order to heighten awareness and assist in the preparation for engagement in meaningful activity. Snoezelen® multi-sensory environments can be enjoyed by individuals regardless of ability, and can be easily and continually adapted to focus on themes that encourage reminiscence and provide suitable stimulation and comfort. The level of stimulation in a Snoezelen® multi-sensory environment can be adjusted up or down to manage levels of arousal such as anxiety or drowsiness. Before using the Snoezelen® multi-sensory environment with a person with Dementia it is recommended that an appropriate assessment be undertaken.

Reference taken from Snoezelen® for people with Dementia by Lesley Collier.

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