Gardening is a popular pastime for many older men and women, and can be enjoyed on a variety of scales. From window boxes and herb pots to gardens and sizeable allotment projects, gardening is benefi cial for many reasons, not least because it:

  • Encourages activity, mobility and gentle movement without consciously being exercise
  • Builds fl exibility and strength
  • Stimulates older adults and keeps them alert and engaged
  • Takes place in fresh air, which can help improve concentration and focus
  • Is productive – gardeners can fi ll their environment with fresh fl owers or enhance their meals with home-grown vegetables and herbs
  • Fosters a sense of achievement and self-esteem – it helps reduce stress, which in turn encourages better sleep and overall mental and physical well-being
  • Is adaptable – activities such as potting and watering can be enjoyed indoors on table-tops so residents are less likely to fall and are not at the mercy of the weather
  • Can be a shared and social activity – something grandparents can enjoy with their families
  • Prompts conversation and better understanding of residents’ lifestyles during their years in their own homes
  • May help foster better temporal recognition such as an awareness of seasons
  • Is a multi-sensory, meaningful activity
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  1. Herbs Growing Set 2
    Herbs Growing Set 2
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  2. Gardener Apron
    Gardener Apron
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  3. Bird Clock
    Bird Clock
    £5.70 £4.75
  4. Wildlife Friend - Hedgehog
    Wildlife Friend - Hedgehog
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  5. Root-Vue Farm
    Root-Vue Farm
    Special Price £35.94 £29.95 Regular Price £55.14
  6. Herb Pot - Set of 3
    Herb Pot - Set of 3
    Special Price £9.60 £8.00 Regular Price £12.00
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