Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Rooms

Creating your own Snoezelen® sensory environment couldn't be easier thanks to Rompa's Free Design Service

Rompa® has been designing and installing high quality, tailor-made Multi Sensory Environments for over 30 years. Our installations team has a wealth of experience and will work with you to create a sensory room that exceeds your expectations.

Our past projects encompass a wide range of budgets and area sizes including:

  • Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Environments
  • Safe and secure activity areas
  • Sensory Integration facilities
  • Dark rooms
  • White rooms
  • Dedicated areas for physiotherapy
  • Water Snoezelen® areas
  • Outdoor Snoezelen® garden facilities
  • Seclusion facilities
  • Sensory corridors
  • Interactive activity rooms
  • Rooms for those with challenging behaviour

Rompa® has even transformed vans, community vehicles and buses for magical sensory journeys!

Whether you want a full Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Environment immediately, or plan to build it up piece-by-piece over a period of time, it is important to plan the final environment from the start. We will help you plan a better, safer Multi Sensory Environment for the individuals your care for.

How does the Design & Installations service work?

This is a highly personalised service and our friendly installations team will guide you through each step of the way.

Call us on 01246 211 777 () to discuss your requirements.

Start Your Journey

Once you've made contact there are 5 main stages to the process:

1 - Advice

An advisor will call on you, assess your room, discuss your requirements and advise you on the most suitable products for your clients.

2 - Design

Our experienced design team will then create a design to suit your personal requirements and supply you with a free drawing.

3 - Manufacture

Upon confirmation of your order our in-house manufacturing team will carefully create each item.

4 - Installation

Items will then be delivered to your door ready for either self-installation or professional installation by Rompa®.

5 - Training

Once a Rompa® installation has been completed you will be given a free training session on how to use your equipment.

Room drawings.

Get the most out of your Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Environment

Rompa® has always been at the forefront of Snoezelen® development, and has accumulated a wealth of experience from which all our customers are welcome to benefit.

We can put you in contact with professional advisers and recommend training courses that will help you to use your Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Environment to its full potential.

Rompa® Service contracts are also available to help you maximise the longevity of your new Snoezelen® Multi Sensory Environment.

Don't just take our word for it:

We are very pleased with our multi sensory room. It has several uses including one-to-one visual tracking work and sound location. Switching products offer a variety of experiences and control to PMLD pupils as well as allowing cause and effect activities which can be difficult in noisy classrooms. We are looking forward to using Harmony and setting up scenarios and sound effects for sensory experiences supporting the curriculum.
Diana Hunter and John ButcherMembers of staff at Special School, Leeds

The multi sensory room is an excellent facility in the centre. One of the young men who uses the centre is fascinated by switches and has developed through using the Infinity Panel. Now they have the equipment to use in a safe environment they have shown him how to use the panel which has improved his communication and motor skills and has encouraged him to select his own switches to use with the unit which in turn has enabled him to move onto productive tasks.
A Day Service for Adults with Learning Difficulties

We are delighted with the calming multi sensory room that has been created. We use the room for one to one, family and individual sessions and have had great success with easing anxiety levels of all concerned. From day one the multi sensory room has been in demand with therapists and patients and the beneficial effects have been clear to see. The ability for anyone to be able to use the multi sensory room was important; our palliative care social worker has found the room particularly useful for counselling sessions.
A Care Centre

The multi sensory room has been very successful with all of the day service users, it can be calming or stimulating depending on the end users needs. The massage mattress has been very popular with everybody especially those that have not experienced a multi sensory room before. One particular gentleman has improved his mobility because he can really move across the floor cushioned area to get to the bubble tube in absolute safety.
A Day Service for Adults with Learning Difficulties

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  • The design service is completely free of charge.
  • Training on the products that we install for you is free of charge.

A Gallery of some previous Multi Sensory Environments

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